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Product Name:FTL8900 series SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter   [Order it!]
Model:FTL8900 series SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter
Category:SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter
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About this product:

FTL8900 series SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter

SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter is designed for measuring the oxygen density of fume and some other no-flammable gas. With world leading oxygen content analysis technology, it is long-spanned, well-performance and maintainable, also it could be applied with all sorts of electrical unit, display and record instrument and DCS, analyzing the oxygen content of the fume when heat the combustion instrument, such as steel furnace and silo.
Principle of operation
SMARTOCM oxygen transmitter is to analyze the oxygen content by measuring the EMF which generated by zirconnia cell. It use the in situ online method which means place the cell into the fume with its top insert a third of the flue
Water which contains in the fume will influence the result. When using wet measurement, it is counted. Since wet measurement is calculating the gross fume, the result will lower than method of dry measurement. The difference depends on how much the steam contains.
The cell is heated by interior heater which monitored by the temperature director to keep the temperature stable. In this situation, the output of the cell can be calculated according to the following formula.
P1=partial pressure of oxygen of reference gas inside the cell.
P2=partial pressure of oxygen of exterior gas
R= gas constant
F=Faraday's constant
Tm=absolute temperature£¨273+t¡æ£©
C£¨£©= cell constant
The reference gas should be clean and dry air without any oil.( oxygen content of 20.60%)
When the oxygen content of the reference side is different from the measured side, the oxyanion will migrate from the high partial pressure side to the low side. At the same time, the mV output signal will vary inversely with the logarithm of oxygen content.
Main characters
¡ôZirconia cell adopt platinum welding technical, no release, long lifespan.
¡ôreaction time is less than 0.5s
¡ôTime of T90 is less than 5s.
¡ôcell/heating furnace/thermocouple can be changed at the site, and is easy to maintained and lower the repair cost.
¡ôextendable smart auto-calibrating function.
¡ôcalibration on the field (manual or auto)
¡ôdesigned lifespan is 10 years, with service life of 4~6 years.
¡ôremote calibration function (GSM/CDMA module required)
¡ô Application field: silo, heat treatment, air isolation, chemical industry, electrical component, semi-conductor, cement material and bio pharmacy.



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