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Product Name:FLT9600 series of interface level meter   [Order it!]
Model:FLT9600 series of interface level meter
Category:interface level meter
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FLT9600 series of interface level meter

FLT9600 series of interface level meter is designed for monitoring the level of precipitation bed, interface and flocculation layer。The systems consist of echo processing technology and wide-ranged sonar transducer, especially suitable for high density materials. With self-cleaned applications, FLT 9610 need not be maintained. The distance from the instrument to the transducer can reach to 500m; also support the Modbus, Profibus and HART communication. With 3 relays, optional GSM module, wireless communication, it is applicable for remote technology supporting and diagnosis.

Principle of operation

FLT 9610 interface level meter consists of a transmitter and a right transducer. The transducer selection will vary dependent upon the density of the interface to be measured

  Application 1:

High density sludge with suspended solids will use a lower frequency transducer to reduce the signal around the suspending particles. Lower density sludge/interfaces require higher frequency transducers in order to maximize the returned signal.FLT9610 interface level meter emits a sound pulse towards the interface/sludge which is at the bottom of the clarifier/tank, etc. The pulse signal is reflected off the interface, back to the sonar transducer, then the transmitter interprets the signal, compensates for temperature and provides a distance reading, and an analog output proportional to the sludge/interface height. Modbus Communications is also available. Echo processing software monitors the operating efficiency of the sonar transducer. As the efficiency of the transducer drops off due to build-up on the sensing face (generally caused by fats settling out, or suspended solids attaching to the transducer), the transmitter will increase the level of ultrasonic cleaning of the face or where fitted will activate the automatic “Scum Cleaner” which will remove all heavy build-up on the sonar transducer. As a rule, the lower the frequency, the greater the pressure wave with each pulse, the greater the cleaning.

Main characters
#Full range of transducers to optimize detection of heavy and light density interfaces.
#FLT 9610T handles all FLT 9610S.
#Standard range to 15 meters. Option: 30 meters.
#Ultrasonic cleaning (light build-up) of the sonar transducer face and automatic control of the heavy build-up “Scum Cleaner” (option).
#4-20mA (Isolated) analog output for blanket/bed level or distance to blanket/bed (interface).
#200m transducer/sonar transmitter separation distance.
#NEMA 4X (IP67) enclosure for the transmitter.
#4 relays, field programmable for control purposes.
#Modbus Communications, RS485
#Full operational diagnostics display on the FLT9610T
#Special Short Blanking Range
# GSM Modem for remote technical and diagnostic support

# Sewage work: Primary and secondary clarifier interface level.
#Mining: Clarifiers, thickeners, settlers, settling pond. (Coal, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Aluminum.)
#Food stuff: Carbon columns, Thickeners.
#Clarifiers, Thickeners and raw water plants.



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